What We Do

Hope Springs Outreach Center and Christian Fellowship is a Christ centered non-profit ministry located on Baxter Street at the Rock Springs housing authority project in Athens Georgia.  We hold regular worship services for the people of our community and have an aggressive program of loving outreach for our neighborhood.

We are here to provide a safe community gathering place which will open doors, build relationships and bring people to Christ. We have open ears and arms to listen to people and love them.

Athens is one of the poorest urban areas in the USA.  Our work for the less fortunate here depends on contributions from people like you.  

The number of people we serve who suffer with inherited mental disorders and genuine disabilities is on the rise. There has also been a increase in the number of children without sufficient food due to new SNAP requirements. We need your help in order to meet the needs of the poor in our community in a way that allows them to maintain some sense of dignity and stability.

We have established a nearly 6000 square foot Community Warehouse for the distribution of clothing, beds, furniture, and household items. Click here for a full schedule of our Community Warehouse programs.

Further information about our ministry and programs is available on our Hope Springs Outreach Center Facebook Page. You can also call us at (706) 549-0350. Contributions can be made via PayPal or by mail at:  Hope Springs 1025 Baxter ST, Athens, GA  30606.  We appreciate your financial and prayer support. Click here for a QR code Paypal link.